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We present Orionix, a comission-free games and items exchange platform along with ORX token that covers operational costs by minting its own native currency.
The project aims to facilitate communication, exchange and security between players. Gamers from around the world can use the ORX platform and trade their new or used games, but also items, skins and accounts for ORX tokens.
Our team has spent years evaluating the experience of players and their needs in the gaming market and infrastructure. This expertise allows us to present a project that connects people using the power of the blockhain.

What is Orionix and How Does it Work:

Private Sale start July, 24-31, 2019
In order to participate in the Private Sale, contributors have to send email request and wait for approval
Minimum amount of contributor is 5,000$. Accepted currencies Ethereum, Bitcoin.

Public Main Sale ICO start on August 1st, 2019
Register to buy tokens:

* Name: `Orionix`
* Symbol: `ORX`
* Initial Supply: `600.000.000`
* Tokens for sale `420.000.000`
* The base rate is 1 ETH = 2941 ORX tokens

Bonus program. Only first buyers will receive 40% Bonus.
Orionix contract is designed to work with 7 tranches of 52.5m tokens and the bonus will decrease every time accordingly:
* 1st: 52.500.000 at 40% bonus
* 2nd: 52.500.000 at 35% bonus
* 3rd: 52.500.000 at 30% bonus
* 4th: 52.500.000 at 20% bonus
* 5th: 52.500.000 at 10% bonus
* 6th: 52.500.000 at 5% bonus
* 7th: 31.500.000 at 0% bonus

* Total 420.000.000 Tokens for sale.

Official Website:

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Bittrex Bot is one of the leading
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1. ManualMode
Bittrex Bot is a perfect place for individuals who
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2. AutoMode
When setting up on an auto mode, the platform is
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Syscoin Platform
The security of Bitcoin.
Transactions faster than the Lightning network.
Layer 2 scalability via Masternodes.
Unparalleled innovation since 2014.
Masternodes and Decentralized Governance
Earn passive income while securing the network and voting on the future direction of the platform.
Read more about masternodes...
Website :
Telegram :

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What if congress bans Bitcoin? - click to find out!

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This is Why Banks are Investing in Crypto - click to find out!

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5 Reasons Why Facebook’s Libra Might Be Good for Crypto - click to find out!

Sue M. Ayala
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IQ option is a platform that offers the widest t range of cryptocurrencies as compared to other platforms like CEX and Coinbox.
Some of the biggest names in the crypto world like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and many others are some of those offered on IQ options.

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